Working Papers

Custom Proxy Voting Advice

With Edwin Hu and Nadya Malenko, working paper

Manipulating Random Assignment: Evidence from Consumer Bankruptcies in the Nation’s Largest Cities

with Edward Morrison and Belisa Pang

Accepted, Am. L. & Econ. Rev.

The Effects of a Selective Tax on Contract Design and Tax Timing

Revise and resubmit, J. Legal Stud.

Do Mutual Funds Represent Individual Investors?

Working paper


Retail Shareholder Participation in the Proxy Process: Monitoring, Engagement, and Voting

With Alon Brav and Matthew Cain

144(2) J. Fin. Econ. 492 (2022)

Is EU Merger Control Used for Protectionism? An Empirical Analysis

With Anu Bradford and Robert J. Jackson, Jr.

15 J. Emp. Legal Stud. 165 (2018)

* Presented by co-authors


Elon Musk Bought Twitter. Now He Must Own It

With Yair Listokin

Guest Essay, New York Times (July 14, 2022)