Select Engagements

NYU Law School's Institute for Corporate Governance and Finance, 2023 Spring Corporate Roundtable

NYU Law's ICGF held its Spring Corporate Roundtable on pass-through voting and the proposed Index Act, bringing together academics and practitioners. The institute invited Robert Jackson and I to present our co-authored paper, Individual Investor Ideology.

European Corporate Governance Institute's Responsible Capitalism Summit (2022)

The ECGI kindly invited me to present Do Mutual Funds Represent Individual Investors? at its inaugural Responsible Capitalism Summit on October 22, 2022, designed to bring academics, practitioners, and policymakers together to discuss whether and how market forces could produce a sustainable world. I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion following the presentation.

Photos courtesy of the European Corporate Governance Institute

Investments & Wealth Institute's ACE Academy (2022)

The Investments & Wealth Institute awarded Do Mutual Funds Represent Individual Investors? its Governance Insight Award for a written work that "has made significant contributions in ethics, legal, regulatory, or other relevant areas that affect the investment and wealth management professions."

Photos courtesy of the Investments & Wealth Institute

University of Pennsylvania's Institute for Law and Economics 2022 Spring Corporate Roundtable

Penn's Institute for Law and Economics invited me to presented Retail Participation in the Proxy Process at its 2022 Spring Corporate Roundtable on retail shareholders and voting.

Photos courtesy of Gregory Benson and the ILE